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New York—Gemological Science International just opened a new facility in New York that does nothing but test jewelry for lab-grown diamonds.

The lab caters to GSI’s retail customers in the United States, and the company said it will serve as a hub for both manufacturers and retailers that want to have their diamond jewelry screened before it goes into a store.

It is located at 37 W. 47th St., between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, and will be the second New York location for the company, which has a lab at 581 Fifth Ave. as well.

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Gemological Science Info Guide: GSI certified - GSI certificate - Diamond Reporting

Gemological Science International (GSI) is one of the world's largest gemological laboratory. GSI provides reliable, fast, and professional gemstone identification as well as grading and appraisal services to the global fine jewelry industry. GSI is the only major gemological laboratory established in the 21st century. Within a relatively short period of time, GSI has grown to become one of the largest gem labs in the world.

Diamond and Diamond Jewelry Grading
Certification Reports
Colored Gemstone Identification…
Metal Engraving
Laser Inscription
Virtual Vault™: Our Report Registry
Educational Services
and more ...

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GSI certificate


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IMG Models ★ WME ★ PR- Full Picture

Devon Windsor (born March 7, 1994) is an American model. (Victoria's Secret Fashion Show).

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Devon Windsor Controversy
Devon Windsor Model
Devon Windsor Racism

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Elbert County Traffic Lawyer
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Elbert County Traffic Lawyer
Elbert County Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Elbert County Ticket Lawyer
Traffic Lawyers Elbert County
Elbert County Lawyer

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Advanced BizInfo Guide: Manufacturing In Mexico - Near Shore Manufacturing Partners

Manufacturing in Mexico with NovaLink

Nearshore Manufacturing Services for Your Business in Mexico

NovaLink is a best-in-class, outsourcing solution for domestic and international manufacturers seeking to relocate or initiate operations in a low-cost labor environment with proximity to the U.S. The company has facilities in the border towns of Brownsville, Texas and Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico.
NovaLink is able to produce high-quality manufactured goods from a variety of industries such as:
- Textile
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Manufacturing In Mexico
Mexico Manufacturing
Nearshore Manufacturing
Near Shore Manufacturing
Near Shore Manufacturing Partners

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